Refresh your home or office interior with wooden tiles

Wood has historically been one of the most widely used materials in construction. It has a considerable range of applications. Knowing that wood is a topical and tasteful element of the interior forever, we offer to use natural wood as a wall decoration material.

Wooden tiles are a product of special design, suitable for finishing walls or individual wall fragments. Wooden tiles will be noteworthy for both guests in your home and office guests who will remember.

Thanks to the wide range of wood processing options, they can be adapted to a variety of interiors. Oiled or varnished wooden tiles, while retaining their natural texture, will be a tasteful addition to any interior.


Product description

Please read the general information of the product

  • 300x95x16 mm
  • 600x95x16 mm
  • 900x95x16 mm
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Thermowood

Wooden tiles are available in the three sizes mentioned above and from the above mentioned wood. The product is assigned a specific design / profile. To protect from UV radiation and moisture, the tiles are treated with oil or varnish, preserving the special texture of the wood. The wide range of finishing options allows you to give the wood a color that allows you to adapt it to a wide variety of interiors.

One of the advantages of the product in the wide range of tiles is the easy installation option. Wooden tiles can be installed by anyone and do not require specialist skills. The untreated side of the tile is covered with the most common mounting glue, attaching it to the surface.

Color choice

Color samples are displayed on pine wood. The wide range of colors will allow you to adapt the tiles to any interior - covering the entire wall or individual fragments.

For business partners

We operate as a manufacturer and are always open to new opportunities for cooperation with partners who see applications for our product. You can be a distributor, interior designer, architect or someone who is interested in cooperation – we will be happy for your interest and provide you with all the necessary information and samples.

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