Wooden acoustic panels

Improve your sound environment with INTELWOOD wooden acoustic panels

It is very possible that each of us has been in a room with poor acoustics. It is uncomfortable, distracting, even annoying, which contributes to stress  and can even lead to headaches. In noisy conditions it is more difficult to concentrate and talk, so you have to look for ways how to improve the acoustics of the room. There are several solutions that can help to improve room acoustics but one of the most effective ways is to install wooden acoustic panels. INTELWOOD wooden acoustic panels will not only reduce noise in the room but will also be a tasteful, modern addition to the interior.

Wood acoustic panels consist of environmentally and human health friendly materials with fire resistance and acoustic properties. The panels can be used both in public spaces (e.g. restaurants, offices) and in residential buildings. They can be used both as a wall and ceiling finishing material, and as a design element for furniture.


Improve the sound environment
Improve the sound environment
Wide range of applications
Wide range of applications
Tasteful solution
Tasteful solution with fast and easy installment
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Product description

Please read the general information of the product

The standard size of a wooden acoustic panel is 2400x600x20 mm, we are ready to adjust the dimensions for individual projects if necessary. If the wall is higher than 2400mm, the panels can be sawn to cover the required area.

The base of the product consists of a 9 mm thick (total size: 2400x600x20) black or gray polyester base material obtained from a plastic recycling process. The material is certified in accordance with the requirements of GRS (Global Recycle Standard). Does not contain substances harmful to health (eg formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol). Corresponds to fire resistance class B-s1, d0.

The decorative part consists of 10 mm thick MDF / Plywood strips, which are clamped to the base of the polyester base. MDF strip length is 2400 mm, width – 30 mm. Corresponds to fire resistance class B-s1, d0. MDF slats are covered with veneer (the type of veneer is agreed with the customer).

MDF / Plywood slats are spaced 10 mm apart.

The standard size of the panel is 2400x600x20 mm (1.5m2), which makes installation very fast. It is not only fast, but also simple, because the panel is fastened with screws.

Natural oak acoustic panel

Natural oak acoustic panel (grey felt)

Walnut acoustic panel

Smoked oak acoustic panel

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